It was the year 2010, as the live-electro-duo Daniel Zimmermann and David Zingre started stiring their concoction of synthesizers, sequencers and effects units into an alchemical appearing mixture of driving rhythms and different sound atmospheres. Out of the dark band room and into the ears of the audience came a joint project named „Dirty Purple Turtle“ in the form of first live gigs and a promo-cd. Hardly referable to a genre, by no means cribbed anywhere and aside any mainstream, the initial project emerged as a dynamic structure: To achieve new means of expression, David Zingre exchanged the knobs of the sound-machine against a drum kit and sticks. As a result of that, more sound experiments developed with analogue sounds, driving drum-patterns and insistent vocal samples, which were composed in the debut album „The Saga of Goblet Henry“ in 2012.
The duo continued tinkering around with the sounds and songs, created new music worlds and tone tails and experimented on live gigs with feelings and moods in the audience. From the self-same experimental ghost also the Album „Medicine & Madness“, which was recorded single-handedly and released under the label „Spezialmaterial Records“ in January 2014, has been enlivened. More direct, more intensive, more striking and livelier than ever before the duo presents its novel medicine.


Dirty Purple Turtle – 21 seconds of believing (Release 2017)

Dirty Purple Turtle – 3+3 (Release 2015)

Dirty Purple Turtle – 3+3 (Release 2015)

Dirty Purple Turtle – 3 (Release 2015)


Dirty Purple Turtle – Medicine & Madness (Release 31.01.2014) Album, Spezialmaterial RecordsORDER NOW!!!!


Dirty Purple Turtle – The Saga Of Henry Goblet (2012) Debutalbum, no Label


Dirty Purple Turtle – Live Session (2011) Promo CD

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